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Cyclone Dust Extractor Guide

There is no doubt that cyclone dust extractors have earned a worthy place within the world of professional workshops. The combination of exceptional capabilities and impressive performance has indeed made them a staple part of workshops across the country. These exceptional pieces of equipment are starting to make their way into domestic homes too, and Read more »

Spray Booth Guide

When the painting task is a significant one, deciding to use a spray booth can be a very effective method. Allow us to provide you with additional information on how these booths work. We are able to offer a range of spray booths, accessories and installation options. CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE An Introduction Read more »

Downdraft Table Guide

There are all kinds of workbenches. You can get one for cheap or make one of your own, but if you want your hands on the best piece of equipment available today, you need to have a downdraft table. It won’t be wrong to define it as the holy grail of workbenches. Professionals swear by Read more »

Industrial Ventilation Guide

Ventilation is the process of infilling space with fresh outdoor air while at the same time extracting contaminated indoor air to the outside. Ventilation is an essential component of workplace safety across all industries. These systems play the critical role of reducing or eliminating contaminants that range from pathogens, dust, vapour, and fumes from indoor Read more »

Dust Extraction Guide

Please read on as we dive into information about dust extraction, systems, filters, and classes in this guide to dust extraction. CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE What Is Dust Extraction? Dust extraction refers to the process of creating and maintaining breathable air and a clean environment in and around facilities. This is usually done Read more »

A to Z of Dust Extraction Parts

If you’re planning on having a dust extraction system installed, there are several different parts that you may need. Dust extraction systems are more than just pieces of pipe, vents, and extractors. The following list will give you a better idea of the many products that are used by a dust extraction company during the Read more »

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing Guide

Within the UK alone, thousands of workers each year fall victims to either asthma or lung diseases. This usually occurs due to the fumes, particles, dust, and other contaminants that they’ve managed to breathe in on their job site. Hence, adequately designed local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems are needed to ensure that the air is Read more »